Stay tuned for news about our upcoming Audio Dramas and 2021-22 season.
In the meantime, we bring you access to online performances from the best theatres in Ireland.

Drawing of houses with lighbulbs in thought bubbles above them.

Online offerings from the some of the best theatres in Ireland: The Abbey, Druid, and Fishamble.

Irish Theatre Online

Nellie-Nora and Mandy look at a scrapbook in Eclipsed.

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Gift Certificates

Corrib tour group at the Abbey theatre in Ireland.

Exclusive meetings with  playrights and other theatre artists. Discussions, events, and more.

July, 2021

Irish Theatre Tour

8 Plays/10 Days in Galway and Dublin

We are heartbroken and horrified at the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others, and the 400 year-old institution of slavery and white supremacy that lead to this moment. We extend our hearts to all of those who have suffered under the discriminatory system which has devalued Black lives and perpetuated a system of economic and social inequality which has led to the present explosive crisis.

At Corrib, we commit to work at all levels towards bringing about the change that needs to happen so that Black lives are valued, to speak up when we see racism and injustice, and use our voice as a teller of stories and connector to communities, to actively advance freedom and equality.

Corrib Theatre is generously supported by Ronni Lacroute, individual donors, and the following foundations:

Advance Gender Equity in the Arts
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