Tim Blough, Murri Lazaroff-Babin, and Ted Rooney. Photo by Adam Liberman.

Quietly by Owen McCafferty
Directed by: Gemma Whelan
Venue: New Expressive Works, 810 SE Belmont St. Portland
Dates: April 13 – May 6, 2018
Thu – Sat 7:30pm, Sun 2pm

with Murri Lazaroff-Babin, Tim Blough, and Ted Rooney
Set Design: Tyler Buswell, Costume Design: Sarah Marguier, Lighting Design: Trevor Sargent, Sound Design: Cameron McFee
Stage/Production Manager: Rosie Lambert

Two middle-aged men meet in the very Belfast bar where a horrific event transformed their lives over 30 years before. They share a few pints, a football match between Northern Ireland and Poland is playing on the TV, as the Polish bartender bears witness these men unload their disparate stories of a day ever-etched in their psyches. Quietly is a powerful story of violence and forgiveness in the aftermath of the Troubles.


“Director Gemma Whelan keeps the production moving at a nice pace, with each new revelation moving us farther up the emotional field…” —Amy Wang, The Oregonian

“Under the precise direction of Corrib artistic director Gemma Whelan  — and with Tyler Buswell’s scenic design that sets you right down in a Belfast pub — these men are having conversations it is important for us to witness and carry with us.” —DeAnn Welker, Oregon ArtsWatch

“The performances by all three actors are excellent.” —Krista Garver, BroadwayWorld Portland

“…emotionally wrenching, at times hard to watch, but well worth it–for it is a story of our times and about our times.” —Judy Nedry Reviews

“All three of the performers are very powerful.” —Dennis Sparks Reviews


Friday, April 13: Opening night reception with Irish Consul General Robert O’Driscoll.
Sunday, April 15: Post-show talkback with Tim Birr and Seamus Kelly—two men with ties to Northern Ireland and first-hand experience with the Troubles.
Saturday, April 21: Post-show talkback with director Gemma Whelan and actors.
Friday, April 27: “Irish Night” & Post-show talkback with Emma McIlroy, CEO Wild Fang.

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Running time 85 minutes with no intermission.

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What are the Troubles, you ask?

Although armed long-held hostilities between Catholics and Protestants largely subsided after the 1921 agreement to separate Northern Ireland from the Republic of Ireland, violence erupted again in the late 1960s; bloody riots broke out in Londonderry in 1968 and in Londonderry and Belfast in 1969. British troops were brought in to restore order, but the conflict intensified as the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and Protestant paramilitary groups carried out bombings and other acts of terrorism. This continuing conflict, which lingered into the 1990s, became known as “the Troubles.”

Despite efforts to bring about a resolution to the conflict during the 1970s and 80s, terrorist violence was still a problem in the early 90s and British troops remained in full force. More than 3,000 people have died as a result of the strife in Northern Ireland.

Additional resources about the Troubles:

  • The Irish History provides an in-depth look at this “low-level war” in Northern Ireland fueled by political unrest and brutal bouts of violence.
  • Read a timeline of the events in The Guardian.
  • The Belfast Telegraph put together a gallery of images throughout the 30-year-long period of the Troubles (please view with caution).
  • Twentieth Anniversary summit on the Belfast Agreement occurred in April 2018. The BBC covered the summit as well as a feature on the world leaders who were there when the agreement was signed.
  • Book: Voices from the Grave, Two men’s war in Ireland by Ed Moloney
  • Book: Belfast – Both Sides Now by Bill Meulemans
    • “Bill Meulemans gets inside the heads of the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland.” – US Senator George J. Mitchell, Chair of Northern Irish Peace Talks

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