11.20.17 Dennis Sparks Reviews: Belfast Girls—Corrib Theatre—SE Portland

9.6.2017 Press Release: Corrib Theatre Announces 2017/18 Season

9.6.2017 American Theatre: Corrib Theatre Announces 2017/18 Season

10.10.2016 Portland Monthly Light a Fire 2016: George Thorn

9.13.2016 Portland Monthly A Portland Company Airs Ireland’s New Plays — and Dark Past

6.15.2016 Willamette Week Some of Portland’s Best Actors Wrap Up at Corrib Theatre

6.14.2016 Oregon ArtsWatch Our New Girl: A Lie of the Mind

2.23.2016 Oregon ArtsWatch: Animal Instinct: Corrib’s ‘Chapatti’

10.1.2015 Portland Monthly: Top Things to Do in Portland This Weekend Oct 1 – 4

10.1.2015 Portland Mercury: Little Gem Gets the Staging it Deserves

9.2.2015 Portland Monthly: Our Guide to Portland Fall Theater

6.11.2014 Oregon ArtsWatch: Review: The Hen Night Epiphany 

6.8.2014 Oregonian: ‘The Hen Night Epiphany’: A subtle Irish comedy and thoughtful, poignant drama 

6.6.2014 Oregon ArtsWatch: Preview: ‘The Hen Night Epiphany’ – The little Corrib Theatre’s biggest production ever gathers some of the city’s finest actresses

6.3.2014 Oregonian: Portland’s ‘Irish Spring’ Festival ends with Jimmy Murphy’s ‘The Hen Night Epiphany’ at Corrib Theatre

5.29.2014 Oregon ArtsWatch: Portland’s Small Theatres Pass the Hat

5.20.2014 Portland Monthly: PDX Theatre’s Irish Spring

5.20.2014 Oregon ArtsWatch: A Slew of Irish Plays

3.8.2014 Willamette Week: Review, A Night in November

2.19.2014 Portland Monthly:  Review, A Night in November (Editor’s Pick)

2.14.2014 Oregon ArtsWatch: Corrib Theatre’s Irish Immersion

1.8.2014 Portland Mercury: Corrib’s New Mission

3.29.2013 Oregonian: Review, St. Nicolas

3.27.2013 Wilamette Week: Review, St. Nicholas

3.22.2013 Oregonian: Dedicated to Ireland, new Corrib Theatre presents Conor McPherson’s one-man marvel, ‘St. Nicholas’




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